Monthly cost of living in Madrid for students abroad

So, no matter what amount of money you are willing to pay while you are here, you will always find something to do in Madrid. But we rarely know what is the cost of the plans or the cost of living in the new city we are heading to.

8 Reasons to study abroad in Madrid | Lifestyle, People & Culture

As locals from Madrid, we have many reasons to recommend you our city such us our amazing tapas, the madrileño lifestyle, the student atmosphere, a wide variety of history, museums and buildings, the Retiro Park and the facility to travel all over Spain and Europe.

​​​​​​​Best neighborhoods to stay in Madrid | Study or work abroad in Madrid

We want to ease that process by getting you to know Madrid way better, its neighborhoods, what characterizes them, what do they offer. This way, at the end of this post you can have an accurate idea of the best places to live in Madrid, and to choose the best area of Madrid where you will probably get your house to enjoy your upcoming experience.