Mobile SIM Card in Spain | Top Mobile Carriers [ Prepaid vs. Contract ]

I think no one can imagine today their lives without a cell phone and with no Internet connection to be posted on the latest news and social networks. This is why is crucial to have a local mobile plan at your new destination, and if it is from the first day you get there, even better. We are going to expose the main mobile carriers and plans in Madrid, both for contract and prepay, and how to get a Spanish data plan.

Mobile Data plan in spain

First of all it is important to know that there is not like THE PERFECT MOBILE PLAN in Spain. You have a wide offer with many different carriers but when a carrier offers more monthly data, they lack of a so-good plan for calls or prime speed for the Internet and vice versa, so it is hard to find the perfect combination, at competitive prices at least.

Here are the main mobile carriers in Spain, whose plans can be very varied and you could also find in most of them, if not in all of them, both contract and prepay plans:

  • Movistar: is the reference carrier in Spain, because it belongs to the mobile area of Telefónica, one of the main telecom companies in the world. That is why being Spanish, is like the flagship carrier, not meaning by that that is the best one. It is starting to offer more monthly data for its plans but, as I told you before, all carriers offer many options with way different prices. You should know that, with some exceptions, Movistar uses to be the most expensive one according to what it offers.
  • Vodafone: Known in Spain for its plans with an average of 4GB per month, and also for the possibility of including roaming for both the EU and the USA, which is very tempting for short-term trips to those destinations. Actually, it is quite common among Spanish to hire a temporary plan with Vodafone for short/medium trips to those destinations included in their roaming plan. However, Vodafone is not normally used by Spanish for their Erasmus or exchanges abroad, since it has some call limitations and some restrictions regarding roaming may apply if your stay abroad is long.
  • Orange: lots of plans with different data and call characteristics, with great signal and connections Europe-wide.
  • Yoigo: young carrier operating in Spain, that has been recently more known for offering a plan of 25GB a month paying 32€/m. However, the speed of those 25GB is not extremely good, not for the whole 25GB at least.
  • Prepay options: all of the above mentioned carriers offer prepay plans as well. However, when it comes to prepay, there are some companies specialized on prepay only. The most known ones are LycaMobile and SUOP.
Movistar, Vodafone Orange Yoigo SUOP - Spanish Carriers mobile

We perfectly know that contract plans are more tempting, because they normally offer fixed prices with a reasonable amount of data and calls, meanwhile with the prepay ones you have to be aware on when the money you have deposited has been used and expired, and they normally have a weaker signal than the top carriers.

However, the contract mobile plans in Spain for foreigners are not that easy to open, because they normally ask for the NIE number (ID for foreigners in Spain) and a national bank account where to transfer the monthly payments of your selected plan. That is why most of foreigners students choose a prepay plan, at least for their first weeks here.

mobile service for students abroad in madrid

In Set a foot we offer a prepay plan under SUOP, which is a carrier that operates under the network of Orange, offering really good signal both all around Spain and also if you would do any trip outside Spain while your experience in Madrid.

The strength of this option we offer is that it is very flexible and you do not waste a single Euro. We will ask only for your passport number to activate your account and you could have your SIM card ready to use for the very first minute you arrive in Madrid.

The SIM card comes with an initial balance of 5€ and you will be able to customize the total amount of both data and calls from the webpage of SUOP. I would like to remark that YOU WON’T WASTE ANY EURO because, in case you pay one month for, let’s say 3GB and when the month ends you have only used 2GB, the remaining 1GB will be available for you to use it the next month, it accumulates. That does not happen with the contract mobile plans. You pay exactly for what you are going to use, nothing more and nothing less.


In case you want to know more about the process and rates or for hiring this service to have your line and SIM card ready to use from day 1, visit and forget about this issue, we’ll take care of it for you.

Hope this post has been useful!

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