How to get from Madrid Airport to City Center

Going from Madrid airport to the city center is easy, fast, comfortable and cheap. There are different ways to get from the airport to Madrid city center, but there are mainly two forms: private transportation (Cabify, Uber, Taxi ...) or public transportation (Metro, Train or Bus) and those options depend on which area of Madrid you go to.

Adolfo Suárez Madrid Barajas Airport is one of the best communicated airport in the world, and its proximity to the city center, just 13 km makes it possible to get to the city in just 20 minutes.

These are the options that we recommend you to get from Madrid airport to the city center:

Prices and time for get the center from the airport


First contact with the city and you are already in the Madrid subway! The Metro the Madrid is one of the best underground transportation of all over the world. The facilities, how quick the train comes and the huge amount of stops located all over the city makes the Metro de Madrid an awesome way to move around Madrid.

There are two stations that connect the airport with the city, one at the terminals T1-T2-T3 and another at the terminal T4. The metro leaves you at the Nuevos Ministerios station, which is already in a central area of adrid.

To get to very center of Madrid (Puerta del Sol or Gran Vía) you have to make two connections. Once you take the Metro at the airport, you should stop at Nuevos Ministerios and change to the line 10 (dark blue line) direction Puerta del Sur. Then, you need to wait X stops until you get Tribunal stop, in which you need to do the second connection and grab line 1 (light-blue line) direction Valdecarros until you get to Sol.

The ticket will cost you about 5 euros. 3 euros correspond to the airport extra fee and the rest to the metro ticket itself. The simple ticket of the Madrid metro costs between 1.5 euros and 2 euros depending on the number of stations to your destination.

To go from Madrid to the airport the system is a little different, you have to buy the airport supplement and the Metro ticket separately. You should buy the Metro ticket at the origin station and then pay for the supplement once you get to the airport. If you are looking for information on how to get the Madrid Public Transportation card (includes Metro, bus and train trips) you can see details here

** Attention: Line 8 going from the airport to Madrid city Center is under construction. I will be ready for its use approximately on April 18th

2. TRAIN (Cernanías)

The train is a great option to go from the center of Madrid to the airport, or vice versa, only if your destination is Terminal 4. The only drawback you have regarding the metro is that it has fewer frequencies. A trip to Sol (transferring in Chamartín) can take about 30 minutes.

Line C1 of Cercanías connects the Terminal 4 statation with several stations of Madrid:

  • Chamartín (connection with long distance trains): 11 minutes.
  • Nuevos Ministerios: 18 minutes.
  • Atocha (connection with long-distance trains and Renfe AVE, Museo del Prado, Museo Reina Sofía and Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza): 25 minutes
  • Méndez Álvaro (connection with national buses): 29 minutes.
  • Príncipe Pío (connection with national buses and intermodal area): 38 minutes

The single ticket costs 2.60 euros.

More information:

3. BUS

The bus is also a nice and cheap option to get to the center of Madrid. There are several lines connecting Adolfo Suarez Airport with several points in Madrid. There is also an express line that connects Chamartín and Atocha to the airport.

The Express line connects the airport with Atocha (Cibeles in night time) in just 40 minutes. The service works 24 hours a day. The stops that the Express line covers are Airport (T1, T2, T4), O'Donell, Cibeles, and Atocha. The single ticket costs 5 euros.

There are also some regular EMT bus lines (EMT: urban buses of Madrid) that connect the airport with other areas of central Madrid and from which you can move by metro:

- Line 101: Airport - Canillejas (see route here)

- Line 200: Airport - Avenida América (see route here)


The taxi is a comfortable service to go from the airport to the center of Madrid but also one of the most expensive. There are official stops signposted at the four terminals. The official taxis are of white color with red transverse bands. The journey usually lasts between 25 and 40 minutes depending on the traffic.

For trips with origin or destination between the airport and the interior of the M-30 (where the center of Madrid is located) a fixed fee of 30 euros is applied to them. For those journeys that are outside the area of the M-30 there is a minimum of 20.


Cabify and Uber are an international transport network companies that connects users with premium vehicles through a mobile smartphone app. You can also use MyTaxi, an app that connects users with urban taxis.

Cabify and Uber will cost you from 20 to 25 euros being Cabify the cheapest option among these two and offering a better quality.

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We hope all this information was useful for you and please if you have any questions with regards to how to get from Madrid airport to city center feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help!