Health Insurance in Spain for Foreigners

One of the key things every student abroad needs for their experience is a health and travel insurance policy. If you have plans to study abroad in Spain, one of the main requirements during your visa interview is that you can show that you have already applied for a health insurance policy so you can show proof that you are going to be covered during your stay in Spain.

save during you stay with your insurance policy

It is true that you will find different requirements depending on where you are coming (EU or non-EU country), but health insurance is mandatory for all foreigners that come to Spain.

Studying abroad sometimes could be a little bit stressful and super time-consuming. Flights, accommodation, visa, learning agreements… and do not forget your insurance policy!

Here are some tips for both EU and non-EU students:

Students from the EU:

Students from member countries of the European Union, the European Economic Space (Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein) and Switzerland must bring their European Health Card with them. More info on:

All students from the aforementioned areas are covered under the home country´s social security system. Make sure you apply and get the card prior you arrive to Spain since you may need to show it!

You may visit the INSALUD medical services nearest to your place of residence with this card in order to obtain medical attention. You will find the nearest medical center to your home on:

Students from outside the EU:

It is absolutely essential for students from countries that do not belong to the previous group to bring an insurance policy with them from their respective countries that covers sickness, hospitalization and accidents for the entire period of stay in Madrid.

The group “Hospitales de Madrid”, offer preferential assistance to foreign students. Students who go to one of the hospitals in the group will be assisted by a translator, who will accompany them while there, and who will help to fill out administrative paperwork and forms needed by the insurance company.
For more details and information, please see:

** You are required to get an individual health insurance with a maximum coverage of at least €30,000 or $50,000

We leave you some important contacts you should have in case you have an emergency in Spain

important emergency contacts in Madrid.png

If you need more information or help regarding how to get your insurance policy please do not hesitate to contact us! We are more than please to help you!