Do I need a Visa or the NIE for Studying in Spain?

We have been in your shoes in the past and we know how it’s like to have all the paperwork ready before starting your new adventure, or even once you are at your new destination.

We are going to focus our attention on the two main documents needed for staying legally in Spain for a while, which are the Spanish student visa and the NIE number, adding some details as well for work visas in Spain.

In case you are going to be staying in Spain for more than 90 days (3 months) you will need to apply for a visa (student visa in your case). The requirements to be legit to apply for it are:

  • Not being either a EU citizen or a European Economic Area / Swiss citizen, since the citizens for the mentioned countries do not need to apply for a visa in Spain, for being considered citizens of the Union.

  • Not being vetoed for entering Spain.
  • Having enough economic resources to cover your stay in Spain.
  • Having a public or a private health insurance policy with a company allowed to operate in Spain.
  • Being already admitted at some institution or education centers in Spain.

In the case that your stay in Spain is longer than 6 months, you would also be required:

  • Not having any kind of criminal records in your home country, with crimes applicable in Spain.
  • Not to have any kind of disease with is dangerous for the public safety. Those diseases are registered in the 2005 International Sanitary Registration.
papers for the spanish visa

Once you match all this criteria, you will be able to apply for a Spanish student visa. To do so, you will have to present the following information and documents at the Spanish Embassy or Spanish Consulate in your home country:

For stays longer than 6 months, you will be asked for a medical certificate as well as for a clean criminal track record issued by your home country or by the country you have been living in the last 5 years.

Students can apply for jobs while in Spain, but the job itself and the employer company must meet some requisites, remarking some of them here:

  • Prove that your job is compatible in time with your studies, being only acceptable partial time jobs.
  • The employer company must be registered in the Social Security, and you will have to present your signed contract, and documentation of the company, such as its CIF (the Company ID).
  • Fill out and sign the EX-12 form.

*In any case this partial job should be the basis of the funding for the student to cover the whole stay in Spain.

Spanish work visa

The procedure is very similar that the ones exposed for partial jobs, having to facilitate info about the employer company, the contract apart from your personal information, that goes along with the one requested for student visa.

The form you will need to fill, sign and present is the EX-03, available here.

NIE number

It is like the ID for foreigners in Spain. It is needed and asked for carrying out different transactions, like renting a house, or for doing some banking operations.

You have the option of asking for the NIE number both from the Spanish embassy or consulate in your home country or once being here in Spain. Normally, it takes quite more time doing it before coming to Spain, so that is why most of foreigners do it once here.

The documents they will ask you for giving you the NIE will be:

Then there is the Tarjeta de Identificación de Extranjeros (TIE) which is the same than the NIE but just as a physical card. If you are a Non-EU citizen and your stay in Spain is going to be longer than 6 months, you will have to request the TIE during your first 30 days in Spain. However, if you are a EU citizen and your stay will be greater than 3 months, you will have to request the TIE during the first 90 days since your arrival in Spain.

I know this is a very dense post, but you know how paperwork looks like. In case you may have further doubts about some of these processes, documentation needed or anything regarding Spanish visas or NIE/TIE, please let us know by commenting below! And if you want to get any of those papers (VISA or NIE) send us an email, cause maybe we can help you to do so!

Hope it’s been useful to you!