Multi Card arrives to Madrid | How does the NEW Madrid Public Transportation Card work?

Good news always seems to travel fast, especially when the news is about the travel. Madrid continues to have one of the most modern transport systems in the world. Therefore, you should slowly start saying goodbye to current magnetic paper tickets when using public transport in the city. This option is going to disappear soon as it is replaced by the more modernised system.

Consorcio Regional de Transportes de Madrid (CRTM) proudly launched a promotion operation of the new smart card from July 7 till October 15 when you have a chance to get this card for free. Yes, for free. Well, only temporarily within the period of promotion.

Now, that the good news that everyone is talking about is out, let’s have a closer a look at it.

What is the Madrid Multi Transportation Card?

The new smart card is called Multi Card. As the name suggests it can have multiple users. It is not bonded only to one person as the monthly season card.

The other features of Multi Card are that it is contactless, rechargeable and has a duration of 10 years. The warranty of the card is two years during which the user is entitled to get a free replacement of the defective card. How great is that!

How can you obtain a Madrid Multi CArd?

For the time of promotion running, from July 7 to October 14 you can request the card free of charge on the website

After this period, it will cost €2,50. The price includes the cost of issuing, managing and marketing the card with VAT. Multi Card will be available for a sale on automatic machines of Metro, tobacco shops and other authorised points.

Although, it doesn’t cost much isn’t it nicer to have it for free? Use this unique opportunity to save a tiny little bit of money. If you are on a budget, every cent counts. 

How does your Multi Card work?

Multi Card allows you to load simple titles of Metro (Madrid Metro, Madrid Light Rail, Madrid Railroad and Light Metro West), 10 trips of Metrobus tickets and 10 travel tickets for the rest of operators (urban operator and interurban road). Loaded tickets can be combined.

The way how you use it is very simple. You must present the card to the reader, which will deduct a trip. In addition, you will be able to see remaining trips on the screen.

How to recharge your Multi Card?

The card can be recharged at Metro’s vending machines, tobacconists, Bankia’s ATM network and other authorised points. There will be no limit of recharging during its period of use.  

What are the advantages of using the card?

Well, one of them is that you don’t need to purchase traditional monthly pass anymore. By purchasing the new Multi card, passes allow you better plan and save money.  The card can be reloaded at any metro vending machine and all officially authorised tobacconists.

There are some special conditions that apply only to a certain group of people. Discount of the 20% and 50% on single tickets and 10 trips can be applied to large general families (up to 4 children) and people with a recognized disability (greater than 65%). The single ticket (normal price €1.50) will cost €1.20 for these groups. To benefit from the discount, members of large family or persons with a disability must obtain a personal card in which they can carry these tickets. You can find more information in this link (click here)

What about disadvantages?

After the promotion period, there will be no tickets being sold on Metrobuses. However, the Consortium will announce the official date in advance. During the promotion period, you should gradually become familiar with the new payment method.

Another disadvantage is that if you hope to get a refund in the case of the theft or loss, you won't be lucky. There is no refund provided in such situations. You will need to buy a new Multi card again. Good piece of advice is to be careful and try not to lose your Multi card.


As the technology is progressing, everyday life activities are becoming to adjust to it such as this new transport payment system. Paper magnetic tickets will become a history any time soon and you will have no other choice than just accept it. Discover the use of Multi card during the promotion period and enjoy your travels.

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We hope that tips in this post will be useful for you and you will confidently use transport system just as local.

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By Iveta Mikulakova