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€ 15.00 (taxes included)

Open a Set a foot bank account and take advantage of the lowest fares available. International transfers, deposit facilities and a debit card free of charge. Our service includes a contact-less debit card, no commissions and charges, international coverage, free withdrawals, no minimum cash needed, full access to online banking and free transfers within the EU among others. After requesting the service we will ask you for some personal documents in order to proceed with opening your bank account in Spain.

What is included?

Documents we will need:

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€ 25.00  (taxes included)

Get your Set a foot mobile SIM card now to have full mobile coverage once you arrive in Madrid. You will be able to customize your own plan with all the calls and data you may need.

How it works: 

  • Once you buy the service of Mobile you will have it ready since day one of your arrival
  • We will deliver the Pack with the Triple Punch SIM Card that will fit perfectly on your phone!
  • Once you put the SIM Card in your cell phone you will need to create your account in SUOP
  • After that you will be able to customize your own data plan and calls

*For further information of the ROAMING Rates, contact us!

What is included?

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Mobile Rates:

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Madrid Public Transportation Card

€ 25.00  (taxes included)

Get the Madrid Public Transportation Card and have the whole city at your fingertips from your first minute here. For only €20 per month, this card allows access to metro, bus and train services all around the region.

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