Best Tortillas in Madrid

Spain is known for multiple things, but with no doubts its gastronomy is a reference anywhere you go. Spanish tortilla is the masterpiece among all. Why? Simple recipe and very few ingredients that lead to a great flavor that you could have anytime during the day, as a main dish, as a pintxo before your big meal… It is always a good moment for tortilla.

Madrid has many spots where you can have great tortillas with different ingredients but, as we usually do, we have done our top selection.


1.     Juana La Loca:
One of the best spots to have tortilla. They do it semi-raw, which is (we think) the best way to cook it. The perfect time to go there is on a Sunday morning after a great time shopping in El Rastro market, due to its close location. Their tortillas are served daily except from Mondays.


2.     Okafú:
Located in Velázquez Street, in the Golden Mile of Madrid, local Galician managers provide their public with their speciality, the Betanzos style tortilla, together with many other Galician dishes, like the octopus. 


3.     Taberna Pedraza:
Located close to the Retiro park, it is perfect for a weekend appetizer before or after a nice walk in the park. Their tortilla is also cooked in the Betanzos style, which consists of very think potatoes and a lot of egg, so that when you open up the tortilla, the “egg sauce” bursts up making it great to savor. A whole tortilla costs around 13€.


4.     La Jurucha:
Also located in Barrio de Salamanca, you can find this amazing spot. Exquisite Spanish tortilla that can be accompanied by their homemade mayonnaise, which makes the experience even better, if possible. Even though it is not directly related with this post, it would be a sin not to give mention to their croquetas which are definitely a must.


5.     Flash-flash Tortillas:
A tortilla-exclusive restaurant where you can find a huge variety of them with different flavors and endless combinations of ingredients. Ordering a few to share in the table will allow you to try many of the amazing tortillas that you will find in the menu, although you will need to go there more than once if you want to try them all.