Madrid also has beaches

Who said there are no beaches in Madrid? Explore 4 of the coolest places to take a bath and chill a little bit during the city’s hot summers!

1. El Pantano de San Juan

Located between San Martín de Valdeiglesias, El Tiemblo and Cebreros, we find one of the most typical spots to relax during the weekends with some friends, beers and lots of activities to do.

The “Pantano de San Juan” has 14km of beach to explore. If you are going during the weekends of June or September, we recommend you to wake up early to ensure you have a spot to sit!

Regarding water sports, you will find little shops around offering you a wide variety of activities. Water ski, wakeboard or water ski donut are the most popular ones. In case you want to have something to eat, you will also find restaurants by the lakeshore (watch out the prices!)


2. Embalse de Picadas

Another awesome place to take a refreshing bath during the summer! This lake is surrounded by a beautiful pine forest, and also provides a BBQ area to prepare your meals.


3. Las Presillas de Rascafría

Crystal water inside 3 amazing natural pools. But wait! This water comes directly from the mountains so try to guess how cold it can be!

Apart from that, the natural pools are located in an extraordinary place with beautiful views and green zones to eat and set up your picnic.

In case you don’t bring your own food, you will find shops and restaurants in the nearby village.

The entrance is free, but the parking lot costs 5€ for the whole day. The pools are opened daily from 9 to 22h.


4. La Lancha del Yelmo

This spot is part of the Pantano de San Juan. Is only 68 km away from Madrid. You can reach the place by car or by bus (buses leave from San Martín de Valdeiglesias).
It is also a perfect place to practice sailing, fishing, biking…