Top 7 plans to do in Madrid during Summer

Just knowing a little bit about summers in Spain, one may think that there is almost no life in Madrid or anywhere without coast during summers, but nothing further from reality. If you are planning to start your adventure in Spain during the summer, here you have a list of 7 plans to enjoy Madrid in its hottest months:

1.    La Playa de Madrid (Madrid Beach):

Even though Madrid is not located on the coast, in Spain we are experts in finding remedies for all inconveniences. This is why Madrid Beach started back in 2013.

Located at Parque de Arganzuela, in the Madrid Rio area, a set of fountains and waterfalls make the hot summer smoother for the citizens. It is open daily from 10am to 11pm, with free entry and with drinks inside at an average price of 1.5€.

Definitely a good plan for a hot day in the city.

2.    Open-air cinema:

From July to September, you can enjoy a good movie at open-air. Although we have several of them in Madrid, the most incredible one is OpenStar located close to Méndez Álvaro (accessible via public transportation: metro, bus and train). It has a general entry pass of 12€.

3.    Horse Races:

Every Thursday night during summer, you can go to the Hippodrome of Zarzuela, the one and most known in Madrid, and enjoy a nightly horse race, from 10pm until midnight, while you are having drinks and chilling with your friends. The general adult entry price is 10€.

4.    Art at Veranos de la Villa:

Every year, during the summer season, there are many spectacles such as concerts, theatre pieces or street shows organized throughout the city, so that the artistic vibe that characterizes Madrid is never on vacation.

The prices depend on the show you would like to attend. You can find further information about the shows in the different districts of the city here.

5.    Feel the Thrill:

If you feel the need of adrenaline, you can opt to go to some of the main theme parks we have in the city.

Closer to downtown Madrid, you can find the Parque the Atracciones de Madrid, located at Casa de Campo, where you can enjoy its multiple rollercoasters, or refreshing in some of its water rides.

Located on the outskirts you’ll find WarnerBros Park, which is more recent than the first one and its attractions and shows are more focused on Warner Bros characters and movies, but it is definitely worth visiting.

Adult prices for all of them are around 30€ but it depends on the day, so it would be advisable to visit their webpages prior to go. With their summer schedule, during the weekends, they are open until well after midnight.

6.    Enjoy one of the multiple terraces and rooftops:

If there is one thing why Madrid and Spain in general is known, is for its wonderful weather that makes the experience of terraces as essential. There are multiple options from where you can choose, although the most known ones are:

·      Círculo de Bellas Artes
·      Terraza Cibeles
·     The Hat

In all of the above mentioned rooftops, you can enjoy the amazing summer sunsets of Madrid surrounded by music and friends, so that the experience will be unforgettable.

Anyways, as we think that terraces is more than a must while in Madrid, we will go more in-depth with them, so pay attention to our upcoming posts!

7.    Spanish gastronomy at the “mercados”:

If you want to seize the opportunity of being in Spain at the fullest, you should compliment all the previous experiences with the Spanish gastronomy, you definitely should go the multiple markets that Madrid has to offer. There you will be able to try a wide variety of Spanish food with the maximum quality, making this “grocery shopping” experience as enjoyable as it can be.

The most common markets of this type, which are open daily, are:

·      Mercado de San Miguel
·      Mercado de San Antón
·      Mercado de San Ildefonso
·      Platea Madrid
·      Mercado de Moncloa

All of them are located downtown, so it will be easy to go to any of them.

The plans above shape nothing but 7 of the most intense experiences to live in Madrid. Ideal for tourists and international students who want to feel the vibes of the city. We are sure that with these recommendations, nobody will ever say that summers in Madrid are not worth it at all.