The Wait is Over!

Hey Setafooters!

The wait is over! We are already here and ready to become part of this new stage of your life in Madrid!

All of us know what it’s like to leave home behind and go to an unexplored place to start from scratch. This is why we consider we have to make this step more pleasurable by easing the acquisition of the most basic services a student usually needs when going abroad. We actually offer you the possibility of:

As we don’t only intend to become a mere intermediary offering those services, we offer you a wide range of plans and activities either in Madrid, Spain or Europe in order to make your experience as complete and enjoyable as possible, all operated through our social platform: “The Adventure Hub”.


Set a foot aims to become a reference network that enables closer contact with all its students, so we try to avoid the geographic distance hinder by being present and fully active in social networks. In doing so, we can reach all of you at the same time. We are present in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so it would be awesome if you could follow us and be updated with the freshest news!

This is just the very first contact, but much more and better stuff is still to come and we want to share it all with you guys!

Get in touch with us as soon as possible so that we can start making your amazing experience in Madrid closer and more real from now on! Join us and we will keep you posted on the latest events, plans and activities that are happening in Madrid so you can start feeling it as your new home!

We are already waiting for you all in Madrid more than ready to help you setting your first foot in here!