First foot set

Everyone who has been abroad knows how difficult the first steps on a new country can be: having to deal with an unknown language, a different culture, a new lifestyle…


To start of, you are away from your family, your friends, your home. Even though before your arrival you were feeling eager to leave and disconnect, it will only take you hours to start valuing your old routines. Simple things like having to cook and clean on your own will become frustrating and will undoubtedly mean a big stake of your day. Moreover, the feeling of loneliness will increase during your first few days as you realise that keeping the usual contact with your closest ones won’t be possible.

Added to this, you will find yourself in a new country, where you barely know someone and where, if you don’t feel comfortable with the language, this inability to communicate will get you completely lost.

You will also find many issues to be dealt with in very few days, from solving mobility for the year, choosing an apartment and opening a bank account, to daily activities like doing the groceries and getting a phone plan. You never know what to start with! and you would definitely appreciate if someone offered to give you a hand in dealing with it.

Luckily for you, every problem can be solved and you will end up learning a lot from your experience abroad. Once you arrive back home, lay on your beloved bed and stare at the ceiling you will start remembering uncountable joyful moments. That feeling will follow you as you hence the number of other many fantastic experiences you should have lived during your stay and regret not having more time for it.

The outcome is always the promise: “I’ll go back one day”.