The Set a foot App is now on air!

Are you looking for the best way to get to know Madrid? Do you wish you could see your new city through the eyes of a local?
Look no further than the Set a foot app!

Split into four blocks, the Set a foot app guides, notifies, and connects Madrid study abroad and Erasmus students. So let’s explore how you can make the most of your study abroad experience through our app!

1.) Activities & Discounts

What events are going on in Madrid today, tomorrow, and over the next few months? The Upcoming Events block on the Home page seeks to help you plan ahead for local events – current options include everything from JazzMadrid 16 to Madrid Restaurant Week to the November Justin Bieber Concert!

2.) Adventure Hub: Trips and Recommendations

Adventure Hub is split into two sections to help you make the most of your time in Madrid: Trips and Activities.  Under the Trips header, you can find the best flight and Airbnb options for your dream trips around Spain, Europe, and beyond! 

The star of the Adventure Hub section is Activities though, with Madrid information straight from the source: the three Madrileño co-founders of Set a foot! 

Whether you are looking for new restaurants to try, rooftop bars to explore, food markets to sample, clubs to dance the night away, or take away services to get fabulous food to your doorstep, the Adventure Hub seeks to answer your questions.

3.) Top Tips

Set a foot strives to make Madrid your home away from home: become accustomed to the Madrid life through our Survivor Guide and Easy Recipes in the Top Tips section.  The Survivor Guide incorporates what we know best –tips based on the services Set a foot provides: Accommodation, Banking, Mobile, and Insurance and Health. 

The second part of Top Tips includes our favorite Spanish Recipes.  Wow your family and friends with your knowledge of Spanish cuisine and blow them away with the delicious flavors native to Madrid!

4.) Social - The Community

Find roommates and connect, meet, and chat with other students through the social function; make the most of our team’s pro suggestions and find a crowd with whom to hit the hotspots of Madrid!

Are you interested? Download now the Set a foot App for FREE and
set out into Madrid with the knowledge of a Madrileño!



By Heather Keleher