Winter in Madrid: How to Celebrate Xmas!

Is it your first winter in Madrid? Are you wondering how to make the most of the chilly days here? Madrid in December is like nothing I have ever seen before, filled with light and color and excitement. After exploring the brightly lit and decorated streets in the newly cold weather, here are some favorite Madrid winter traditions that I have stumbled upon!

The Set a foot App is now on air!

Are you looking for the best way to get to know Madrid? Do you wish you could see your new city through the eyes of a local?
Look no further than the Set a foot app!

Split into four blocks, the Set a foot app guides, notifies, and connects Madrid study abroad and Erasmus students. So let’s explore how you can make the most of your study abroad experience through our app!

A Day in Toledo: What to See and Do

Toledo: ancient city of three religions twining and crossing across time. To step onto the steep roads of this Spanish hill town is to step back in history. Toledo is a city best seen in sunshine, all the better to see the intricate details of the buildings and the sun glinting off the river – lucky for your trip, rain seems to seldom fall here.

Toledo is half an hour from Madrid by train and forty-five minutes by bus, making it the ideal spur of the moment day trip for students hoping to make the most of a day off or an unplanned weekend

First Impressions of Madrid After My First Week

And now – my dream is my life. I have longed to study in Madrid ever since I first met the city two years ago, and from the day I left, I have been planning my return. I am a student and a writer, an explorer and a dreamer from the United States – specifically Raleigh, North Carolina. Now, I am a student for the next semester at the Universidad Pontificia Comillas.

Summertime in the Costa Brava

Thinking of the Costa Brava can only remind me of endless summers spent there. Great weather, an unbelievable atmosphere, fantastic food… this post is nothing but a genuine ode to some of the places that have brought me more joy in my, still short, but intense life. Summarising the best of the region in such few words has taken time and effort, yet I have given it a try by focusing on some of the main locations around the area.