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Let us recommend you the best places to stay in town.

How wonderful would it be moving to a new city with advice from locals on where to live? Stop imagining and meet Set a foot!

Through our FREE recommendation service, made according to your individual needs, we will suggest you four/five apartments picked from top Madrid apartment providers that best fit with your specifications. Should none of our options meet your needs, we will make another recommendation!. With this, come to Madrid knowing you have made the right choice and that you can call this city home!

How it works:

  1. Fill out the form and get your recommendation!
    Specify your requirements (check-in & check-out dates, average budget, number of roommates, and more) for us to find the best fit for you.
  2. Have a look at the links and choose your flat!
    When you receive our recommendation, click on the links to see pictures, videos, and descriptions of each of the suggested apartments.
  3. Make your reservation!
    Once you have done so, choose and book the apartment you like best through our provider's webpage.
  4. Confirmation, contract, and arrival
    Within 48 hours of your payment, the landlord will confirm or reject your application and the payment will be processed or refunded. With an affirmative response, you will sign a contract and pick up the keys on Day 1 to arrive in your new home!*

*In case none of our suggested apartments meet your needs or should the landlord of your apartment of choice reject your application, we will give you another recommendation!

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