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Discover how Setafoot works! | Sorry it's in Spanish!

Know better how our project looks like, and how we help thousands of students! After our own experiences abroad, we realized how useful it would have been to simplify the many procedures required to hire services as we took our first steps into a new city. Once we had given it some thought, we decided to make it happen and created Setafoot.


Check this interview | Sorry again, cause it's in Spanish!

Let's see our interview on the Local TV of Madrid (Telemadrid). They have interviewed us and promoted our help over Europe. So there we are!


See How we help the people coming
to Madrid through our Blog!

Through our Blog,  the students can know prior their arrival about the Spanish lifestyle, the monthly cost of living and all the stuff they will need during their experience abroad in Madrid and they can do all the paperwork in advance through the tips in our different helpful posts. City by city we'll help all the people moving abroad!