Insurance Policy in Madrid, Spain and Europe for students abroad
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from € 25.00  (taxes included)

Set a foot offers a full health, travel, and stay policy at the most competitive price in the market. This service is hired before your arrival, making it visa applicable.


  • Hospitalization expenses are covered up to 30,000€. This policy covers medical expenses in the event of sudden illness or accident that occurs while the insured person is traveling outside his or her resident country. Coverage includes medical fees, medication costs, hospitalization expenses, and transfer fees that are ordered by a doctor and repatriation costs. 
  • Coverage in the Schengen Area and the EU
  • Return/relocation and lodging expenses of a companion. Return costs of any person accompanying the insured person (ticket price).
  • Expenses incurred from the extension of stay if prescribed by a doctor, for a maximum of 10 days (€100/day).
  • Assistance in the event of illness/injury and death. Covers the costs and organizes repatriation of the mortal remains of the insured person in the event of death. This includes the costs of embalming, the legal minimum coffin and administrative procedures

Insurance fees
Prices in euros € -  taxes included

* Please contact us for stays longer than 120 days (4 months)