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Our formula

Imagine this: you arrive at the airport on your first day of study abroad - you have no idea where you’re going to live, your credit card has banking fees through the roof, you lack a metro card - or any other form of transportation - and insurance coverage, and on top of everything else, your cell phone only works on wifi. 

Don’t let this happen to you!

Set a foot is a Madrid-based company that provides you with every service you might need in the form of “Packs” as you make Madrid your home away from home. Trust us with planning your study abroad necessities, arrive in Madrid, and let us welcome you home.



Let us recommend the best places to stay in town.

Through our FREE recommendation service , made according to your individual needs, we will suggest four/five apartments picked from top Madrid apartment providers to best fit your specifications

The Packs

Choose your perfect pack or build one yourself!

Survivor Pack

from 49.00
Hit the ground running with the Survivor Pack, containing all your basic needs for your time in Madrid
  • Mobile SIM Card
  • Madrid Public Transportation Card

Backpacker Pack

from 69.00
Prepare yourself for your stay and any unexpected surprises along the road with the Backpacker Pack.
  • Mobile SIM Card
  • Madrid Public Transportation Card
  • Spanish Bank Account - Debit Card

Do it yourself Pack

you choose the price
You know the world, so you should have it at your feet! Pick and choose from our options to create your perfect pack.
You can choose between:
  • Mobile SIM Card
  • Madrid Public Transportation Card
  • Spanish Bank Account - Debit Card
  • Insurance
  • Airport Pick-up

How it works

Simple, easy & quick!


            Choose the services or
         the pack that better fits with
                  your needs before
                      your arrival


           We may ask you for some
            personal info to proceed
           and complete the process


         Arrive in Madrid and pick up
                your pack from day
                  one of your stay.

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Get in touch 


If you don't know how to start, don't hesitate to contact us! Send us a message with your exchange plans and we will help you to find the perfect pack

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