What is Set a foot?

Set a Foot is a startup that offers an intermediation service between international students and the services they need during their time in Madrid. Through a single transaction, students are able to manage their accommodation, banking, insurance, phone and public transport services.


Who is Set a foot's audience?

We seek to assist international students who wish to make the most of their experience abroad.


Which documents are required to hire Set a foot's services?

In processing the packages, our team will only need your passport and, for certain services, a signed authorization.


How can I find roommates or flatmates? 

In order to ensure the best experience for our students, Set a Foot has created a social platform for international students to interact, post personal descriptions, and find the ideal roommate or flatmate.


What are the advantages of opening a bank account in Spain?

Set a Foot works hard to offer the best product possible for our customers. A student-tailored bank account allows students to save in transfer fees, withdrawals and in absence of opening charges

...for more information, please check the relevant section.

Should I unlock my phone before my arrival in Madrid?

If you wish to use your personal, international phone in Madrid, we would recommend unlocking your phone in advance. Unlocking a phone may cost between €50 and €100. Cheap smartphones are also available in Spain for less than €100.

What is the best way to get around the city?

Madrid is well known for having one of the best and cheapest public transport services in Europe. For only €20 per month, students can move all around Madrid (city and region) in comfort and speed.


I want to rent a car, what do I need?

EU driving licenses allow the hiring of car rental services. Non-EU citizens must either exchange their home licenses or acquire an International Driving Permit before arriving.

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What will my insurance cover? When does it expire?

Our insurance policy gives coverage on:

  • Hospitalization expenses up to 60,000€
  • Assistance in the event of illness/injury or death
  • Coverage in the Schengen area + European Union
  • Return/relocation and lodging expenses of a companion

The expiration date is stated at the signing of the contract, however coverage will be extended for up to 10 days if prescribed by a doctor.


I'm concerned about the payment process. Is it safe?

At Set a Foot we are aware of the fears that international online payments often invoke. In hedging any sort of risk, our system is level one PCI compliant and uses 128 bit SSL encryption to ensure credit card data is safe and secure.